The Insatiable Apostate – Our “Broken” War Machine

Between 1945 to 1998?,. 2053 nuclear bombs exploded on this planet. The United States detonated over half of them.  And people wonder why we have no extra terrestrial contact? How clear does it have to be?

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The Insatiable Apostate- A Waltz with Bashir tribute.

**WARNING*This is UNCENSORED content*It’s also VERY LOUD, and I recommend it that way. It’s by design, I promise,…. watch at your own risk!~**

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Book Review – Star Wars – KENOBI


Star Wars: Kenobi is the Star Wars book you are  looking for.

Between Episodes III and IV of the movie saga, the state of the galaxy is something that eats away at Obi-Wan Kenobi, but we don’t see any battles of the war. Instead the whole story of Kenobi takes place in a region of the planet Tatooine, when Obi-Wan is trying to lay low and protect the offspring of his friends. It’s something we don’t get to see all that often in books or movies, especially if it’s a standalone: a narrative that takes place in the aftermath of something much more significant to the main character.

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