CHIEFS fans!~ Maybe this is our year?


Hey Kansas City Chiefs fans!!!– Are you drinking the Koolaid this year? Is the 2015/16 Kansas City Chiefs looking really good on paper? Does the talent finally look like it has the potential of competing with the top teams of the NFL this tear? What about the coaching? Is Andy Reid going to do what this franchise has not been able to accomplish since Montana threw his last pass? Win a playoff game….

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There was a game at BUSCH last night….


There was also a soccer match.  We watched both, while we strolled around the greatest stadium in Baseball. We, ..that is,.. my kids,  my family.  Took many pictures. Lots of video. All which will be shared here shortly.  Stay tuned.

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I AM Joe Delaney

Today, we remember Joe Delaney. He was the greatest Kansas City Chief of all time. Because he gave his life for complete strangers. He is a hero. Forever in our hearts. R.I.P Joe.

A World Where I Am Free

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