BarrysKoolaid -The Honey Badger of ChiefsNation

***Warning*** UNCENSORED**BarrysKoolaid is the “Honey Badger” of ChiefsNation. He don’t give a shit. Like or hate him? You can bet your ass Barry is going say what’s on his mind.

ARCHIVES – Christmas Eve 2011- Chiefs Eliminated from Playoffs in overtime

With tears in his eyes, Jovan Belcher handed me his game gloves as he walked off the field. True Story.

ARCHIVES – Chiefs SHOCK the World- Beat Undefeated Green Bay 2011

Once upon a time, in Kansas City….Kyle Orton was the Quarterback, Romeo Crennel was the coach, and Green Bay was in town. They were the Super Bowl Champions. They got a good reminder how hard it is to play at Arrowhead.

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ARCHIVES – A Tailgate in November

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Barryskoolaid – MNF-HALLOWEEN 2011. CHIEFS WIN

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