ARCHIVES – Hank Stram “miked for sound”

Hank Stram “miked for sound”

The night before the game, Ed Sabol of NFL Films met with Hank Stram and convinced Stram to wear a hidden microphone during the game so his comments could be recorded for the NFL Films Super Bowl IV film. They agreed the microphone would be kept secret. This would be the first time that a head coach had worn a microphone during a Super Bowl. Continue reading “ARCHIVES – Hank Stram “miked for sound””

Why the Media is USELESS to a Sports Fan

KOOKY conspiracy

We live in a world of choices. Every day. We have more choices than we can count. What about the choices we don’t know that we make? Like when a radio station plays a song for you. Right? They decide the song, and then they play that song so many times, that sooner or later, you start singing along.  We’re all guilty,…It’s OK. Continue reading “Why the Media is USELESS to a Sports Fan”