BKNCR Podcast Returns 8.31.15

For those of you wondering when the podcast will return? The date has been set. August 31, 2015, we kick off the 2015/16 season with a new video from arrowhead,  and new show airing that night. Until then? Enjoy our classic intro. It’s not for children though, so make sure you’re an adult. This an uncensored fan arena. We come with the passion.

ARCHIVES – Hank Stram “miked for sound”

Hank Stram “miked for sound”

The night before the game, Ed Sabol of NFL Films met with Hank Stram and convinced Stram to wear a hidden microphone during the game so his comments could be recorded for the NFL Films Super Bowl IV film. They agreed the microphone would be kept secret. This would be the first time that a head coach had worn a microphone during a Super Bowl. Continue reading “ARCHIVES – Hank Stram “miked for sound””

ARCHIVES – Chiefs SHOCK the World- Beat Undefeated Green Bay 2011

Once upon a time, in Kansas City….Kyle Orton was the Quarterback, Romeo Crennel was the coach, and Green Bay was in town. They were the Super Bowl Champions. They got a good reminder how hard it is to play at Arrowhead.

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ARCHIVES – New Body Same Soul


September 14, 2010. I have more memories of this night than I can count. The tailgate. Monday night football returns to Arrowhead Stadium after the renovation. Arrowhead has never been more beautiful than it was this night. And I was there. Front and center. With my cameras rolling early on. So I am sure you have seen the video “New Body Same Soul” (above). I thought I might also give it to you from my vantage point as well.

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