BKNCR Podcast Returns 8.31.15

For those of you wondering when the podcast will return? The date has been set. August 31, 2015, we kick off the 2015/16 season with a new video from arrowhead,  and new show airing that night. Until then? Enjoy our classic intro. It’s not for children though, so make sure you’re an adult. This an uncensored fan arena. We come with the passion.

The Insatiable Apostate – Our “Broken” War Machine

Between 1945 to 1998?,. 2053 nuclear bombs exploded on this planet. The United States detonated over half of them.  And people wonder why we have no extra terrestrial contact? How clear does it have to be? Continue reading “The Insatiable Apostate – Our “Broken” War Machine”